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    Giving INDO a wack

    Eithan, Dane and Jake were/are over in Indonesia in search of a thrill ride. Eithan was specifically filming for his profile film surfing alongside Kael Walsh and Ian Crane and he first week he spent over there, we got a text saying how much pain he was in… He had been rummaging through an Indonesian forrest and plowed through a bush called Gympie Gympie (the most poisonous plant in the world). We looked it up and it sounds awful. Sleepless for a few nights and a rash all over his body. Poor skinny meat head.

    He somehow managed to bag clips through the pain. Whatever Aton does, surfing, pleasure or pain, it’s always full throttle.


    D. moroides is notorious for its extremely painful sting which may leave victims suffering for weeks or even months. It is reputed to be the most venomous plant in Australia, if not the world.[10][16][17] After contact with the plant the victim will feel an immediate severe burning and stinging at the site of contact, which then intensifies further over the next 20 to 30 minutes and will last from hours to several days before subsiding.[3][17][20] During this time the victim may get little sleep because of the intensity of the pain.[3] In severe cases, it may cause urticaria (hives), and the lymph glands under the arms may swell and become painful,[3][17][20] and there have been rare cases of hospitalization.

    Dane and Jake are currently aboard a boat sipping Bingtangs with Craig and Shaun Manners for a Former trip. Jakes first Former trip, but so far they’re struggling from the sounds of it. First day they couldn’t make the paddle out at a 10+ beach break (after 2 days of travel and a 3 hour taxi ride. Shaun was the only one who made it out the back and apparently caught an insider and came straight in. Said it was torched.

    The forecast looks solid and we’re sure they luck into some thick pits based on intel we have on where exactly they’re at. Not everyone can do it like Torryen Marten does, but we try. We told them to stay positive in our group chat though because all things aside, they’re on an into trip, in trunks making things happen. Things could be worse.

    Micky is also over with Shane Sykes in South Africa actually scoring. A random East swell hit Balito and it looked pretty damn fun. All we got from Mig was one clip filmed off a computer and no much info to follow. Stoked for Mig, he seems to be scoring the hardest with his South African brus.


    Ventura surf has been dog. Absolute DOG SHIT. The waves are waist-ish high and its gloomy, but that’s given Matt a lot of time to hang with his kids and work on getting “The Black Cloud,” in the water.

    The Cloud is our saving grace for summer fun, but our timing is a little off, it seems that’s the case for everything. Video output, clothing, graphics, a new store location, surf trips… what’s new. The White Sea bass are everywhere at the islands too and there’s a lingering bet to be settled between Matt and Hunter regarding that elusive breed. Keep up the charity work Matt!

    Soon to come to your computer screen – Shit Waves 5, a Dane heavy CH11 episode, editorial on Dimitri Poulos and STAB HIGH JAPAN!


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      This week in Ventura

      Carp Park Clips

      Guys being Dudes, Dudes being Guys

      This week in Ventura: Fun but packed Emma wood is coming back to life, Jake and Hunter mounted their first mirror on a wall #struction, Miggy busted himself up during a kickball game, Sport Fishing Expo at the fairgrounds, nice doormat painting…etc

      As a part of our new health program, we’ve been skating Carpenteria Skatepark in the morning like true old skate dogs, mellow crowd, no judgement, great workout, health.

      And on Taylor Currans 30th birthday party we played Beersby, lots it under Curren’s shed and it somehow took 10 dudes to get it unstuck…. breaking panels, power tools and all.

      There’s always next week.



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      Pura Vida

      We’ve been scouring the global forecasts for fun surf to start filming for upcoming surf vids, but every option we looked at seemed risky – expensive flights, onshore winds (not always a bad thing, but c’mon we need at least some clean mornings to commit), mediocre sandbar reports, tides not lining up… i only had a 2 week window, Jakes got work coming up, Matts got a newborn… Every day Hunter would pressurize me to commit to something because spring in Ventura is pretty bleak for getting footage and surfing in general. Cold brown water, daily onshores, sandbars still blown out from the winter, hoping for a piddly south or windswell to grovel.

      Matt suggested Costa Rica – we went a few years ago and got kinda skunked but in hindsight it was a blast (6:35 in System is Yours)

      If we keep expectations low and add it up to just getting out of town and getting some time on a board we’ll have fun. Jake is unsure. Flights are cheap. Airbnb is affordable. ‘Bottom Line, we’re gonna get waves.’ A slogan that has become repeated every time we book a trip since Vir’s coined the term when convincing me Nicaragua was going to be pumping back in the day (It wasn’t)  We commit… mostly Matt and I’s call but now i’m blaming Hunter for pressurizing the situation. So far we’re getting skunked.

      Hunter and I have been on a health kick at home – a little bit, nothing crazy… Hunter does a bunch of planks and push ups all day and i’ve been limiting beer to weekends and eating like 10 grapefruits a day… didn’t see much results but anyways we land and instantly blow out the work we’ve been putting in. There’s landmines everywhere. I get sick and still haven’t come around and now Matts sitting at dinner in a hoodie asking if anyone else feels the cool breeze ‘No Matt it’s like 95 degrees out.’ He’s going down too forshure which makes me laugh.


      ‘Why is the swell not getting in here?’  -‘It doesn’t like this angle’ ‘Goddamn it!!’ standard… Next one looks fun we’ll come around. Downday activities while we wait – Matt’s first idea – fishing for a crocodile. He says he did it here when he was a kid and the crocodile jumped out from under a bridge and ate his bait. After driving around looking for said bridge from his memory bank he realizes that happened in Mexico not here.


      Next up on Matt’s vacation is golfing. Hunter says he’ll do a ‘Bubbler’ – an Australian party trick (look it up) if i beat him. He comes from a golfing family and losing a game to me would apparently be more embarrassing than peeing in his own mouth. We start off good. After 3 holes we are tied. 4th hole comes awry. Matt wants me to cheat. Matt loves other peoples misery and would love it very much if Hunter did a Bubbler. I fall too far behind to make a comeback. Even cheating wouldn’t help. I’m too bad at this sport. What a bitch of a game! So hard to hit that dumb little ball straight. Matt has a great game and gloats in our pathetic defeat. My wife would not be happy that i’m in Costa Rica golfing.

      We’ve  come to the realization that if you had a month to hang out here and not really worry whether your getting great waves every day you would ultimately stumble into the right time and place and have a great session but it’s proven to be a difficult place to just show up and expect all the elements align. I think that smoking weed would help you score here. I wish weed didn’t make me feel like i’m dying. Makes me jealous seeing bong smoke billowing out of cars then dudes getting out smiling happy throwing shakas and paddling out perfectly content.

      ‘Bottom Line, We’re gonna get waves.’ – and it’s true, we are getting waves, just not what we were hoping for… yet! Still got hope.




      SHIT WAVES 4…. not yet finished but it’s next in the video vault.

      Been a minute since we made a shit waves and over the past few months we’ve had a majority of them…. shit days…

      Also, we’re going on a trip (finally) so the store will be closed!

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        Dumpster Diver 2

        I’ve been filming Dane ride the DD2 since June of last year and I honestly haven’t seen a better board for head high California waves. Other than the neckbeard, it’s seems to be his go to for every average day around town….  After working on “Out of the Rafters,” I saw this white spine tech model pop up in sessions and eventually into the new model. Danes surfing on it makes me want my own, but being a filmer, I don’t even surf enough and should probably just stick to my chonky sperm whale.

        If you haven’t seen the commercial we did about the small wave group meeting, check it out. It kinda goes into a crazy fight scene out of nowhere but it was super fun to shoot and get everyone together in one place. Lots of laughs. It inclines me to make more random commercials and skits within the surf industry, by no means is anyone a true actor nor did we have a big production crew but it was a great time and I’m glad we got the opportunity from CI to create it. I’ll try to throw some links below to Dane surfing the DD2 at harbor and the CI skit. Thanks for reading…




        1. Amazing skit guys, really enjoyed it. This board looks perfect for where I am in Perth, Western Australia. The waves are pretty mellow, and flat year round so will serve well as a one board quiver. Love the white spine-tek as well, it is a gorgeous look.

          Take care,

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        What’s up everybody!

        Welcome to the new ch11 website, a home where you can watch the videos we make, clothing we print and pretty much everything in-between. It’s been a long time coming but this is gunna be a rad spot to spend some screen time. Prepare yourselves! 2024 is going to be a heater.

        Thanks for your support


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